Arnaldo "Cacho" Scialle signs as Atlanta manager

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Arnaldo Sialle is the new Atlanta manager

The suspense has been unveiled: Arnaldo “Cacho” Sialle will be the new Atlanta manager.

After a heady season, the Atlanta board have finally signed up the former Cipoletti manager Arnaldo Cacho Sialle to start lining up the new 2015 season. After talks with many managers (Mario Gomez, Mariano Pasini and Jorge Ribolzi jr, Salvador Pasini, Christian Aldirico amongst many other names), the board headed by the Atlanta chairman signed tonight the renowned manager.

Arnaldo Sialle’s fame comes to mind after being promoted to the Nacional B tournament three times the last ten years (2006-2007 with Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza, then on 2011/2012 with Guillermo Brown of Puerto Madryn, and on the 2012-2013 season with Talleres de Córdoba). It was at Talleres de Córdoba where “Cacho” built most of his fame, standing in as manager for two years (the third longest standing manager in the Club after Ricardo Gareca and Marcos Saporiti) and having been sacked under strange circumstances, having ended his period with a 62% win rate at the Matador.

Sialle will face a tough challenge at the Villa Crespo club, which has let go already of at least five of its players (Acuña, Cavallo, Sciorilli, Gonzalez, Manfredi) on paper, with at least ten or more contracts still to cut and a number of players that -according to the board’s word- depend upon the will of the manager to take charge, in this case, Scialle, marked upon the irreplaceablity of the players for one side, and the fact that some players are earmarked for poor performances but either have long running contracts or are considered of importance to the roster (such as captain Emmanuel Francés or midfielder Juan Daniel Galeano).

Also the board has signalled out an intention to only hire five reinforcements this transfer window, that is, reinforcements of a certain level- or category, and following that to start promoting from the youth ranks of el bohemio.

Atlanta’s last season was woeful, ending up third to last, after the departure on the pre-season of manager Carlos Mayor to Godoy Cruz, the short and disgraced Capria reign and yet another care-taking season from reserves manager Sebastián “Pipa” Cassano, who will probably not be returning to the reserves after this second period in charge of the first team. (For memory’s sake, Cassano’s first term came immediately after Méndez’s resignation on 2013).

Sialle had also been linked lately to Guillermo Brown (Madryn), whom ultimately chose for Felipe de la Riva, and Central Córdoba amongst other teams, but finally decided for Atlanta to try his luck in the Primera B Metropolitana after so many tournaments in the Argentino (Federal) A Tournament.

Featured photo courtesy Prensa Club Atlético Atlanta

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