Sebastián Cassano, in tears after beating Fenix

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Atlanta, on the lookout for a new manager after December

The days of caretaker manager Sebastián Cassano seem counted as the board starts discussing ideas with candidates to the position.

After a dreadful season (2 wins, 1 draw, 9 losses), the Atlanta board seem to have come to terms with the fact that they will have to start looking for a new manager for the next season which will come hoarded with relegation threats from all the points missed in this season.

After a dreadful start after the departure of Carlos Mayor to Godoy Cruz, and Capria’s poor results ending up in his departure as well, took the board to rehire reserves manager Sebastián Cassano for the remainder of the season after dropping all promotion chances.

But, after meager results (3 losses, 1 draw and two wins, including in the losses the dramatic derby lost last week to Chacarita in San Martin) the Atlanta board has decided to start discussing a new footballing project after the end of this season.

Preliminar reports had stated that the team had started conversations with former manager Salvador Pasini, nevertheless, Pasini discarded every chance by signing this week with Sportivo Italiano.

Now the helm is empty of solid candidates, but there are candidates available for it. Amongst the first called in were: Mariano Pasini Jr, who has recently stated he would not be joining his father in Italiano but rather seeking his own chances with the son of another favorite of the Villa Crespo team: Jorge “Rusito” Ribolzi. Their chances are slim but real, as hiring candidates without solid managerial experience after Capria have left the Atlanta fans with a bitter taste on their mouths for the unexperienced managers out there.

As well, vindicated as the three biggest candidates available would be:

Ricardo Rodriguez- Fresh out of Independiente Rivadavia, Rodriguez is well remembered for his stellar campaigns in Defensa y Justicia (by basically forming the previous team to the Cocca promotion) as well as great campaigns in Atletico Tucumán. He is amongst those considered for his experience in the Nacional B and his strong and effective approach towards the roster.

Mario Gomez- The uncovered one! A high flying project with a manager that has done wonders, avoided promotion and earned plaudits with strong and poorly budgeted Gimnasia de Jujuy sides. Cuper’s ex assistant manager has worked miracles up north and has been well received by the Atlanta fans in the social media.

Sergio Rondina- The unremoved spike. Two time solid runner up for promotion Rondina has earned plaudits for achieving twice in 2012 and 2013 chances to promotion, yet has vetted out of every chance. He is well remembered in Villa Crespo for achieving solid teams with moderate budgets and having gone to challenge up for promotion every time. Yet, he has also been vilified for ultra-defensive approaches as well as problems with the roster in and out of the field.

With time running out to pick the candidates, Atlanta almost tied the derby with Chacarita, and unexpectedly won the last game against Almirante Brown two to one in Villa Crespo.

Featured photo courtesy of Vanesa Crisostomo- Prensa C.A. Atlanta

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