Chairman Diego Spina with his new manager, Blas Giunta

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Blas Giunta becomes Morón’s new Manager

Former La Fragata manager and Boca idol Blas Giunta became the new Club Deportivo Morón’s manager today.

Once considered the longest standing manager in Argentina (with eight years in the Manager’s position in Morón’s arch rival Almirante Brown from Isidro Casanova), Boca Juniors idol Blas Armando Giunta has become today the new Club Deportivo Morón manager, after the sacking of Salvador Pasini.

Giunta had been unemployed since his sacking from Club Atlético Quilmes in 2014, following his resignation from the benches at Almirante Brown in 2013, after eight years in Almte Brown. Morón will be Giunta’s fourth managed team (Estudiantes de Caseros, Almte Brown, and Quilmes as well) and his second spell at the Oeste team, after his 2004-2005 unsuccesful stint with the team.

Now, Giunta has been signed up until December 2015 with hopes of being able to revert Pasini’s results for the season and challenge for Promotion in the next tournament.

Giunta has been historically known for being fierce as a player and manager. He has played in the famous 1982 “Camboyanos” San Lorenzo side (amicably nicknamed Cambodians due to the dour style of playing that San Lorenzo side had) as well as Boca Juniors up until 1993, where Giunta managed to amass most of his reputation as a central midfielder in one of Boca’s best periods in history.

Photo courtesy of Prensa Oficial Club Deportivo Morón

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