Sebastián Cassano and chairman Gabriel Greco

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Capria bolts; Cassano returns to Atlanta

After his fifth defeat at Atlanta, against Brown de Adrogué by two-nil, unexperienced manager Rubén Capria has resigned to his position. To replace him, reserve team manager Sebastián Cassano has been called in.

It had been a tough run for Capria, with five defeats including the loss of the Atlanta- Chacarita derby, with a team that had lost 8 players to last season. This monday’s result, 2-0, against Brown de Adrogué, have ejected Capria from his position. Though the team had been showing some signs of improvement, Capria has been released from the Atlanta team through resignation.

According to chairman Greco’s words, Cassano will take over the first team up until the tournament’s end in December, stepping in once again as the first team’s manager with only two changes from his previous period at the Atlanta helm: first, he won’t be joined by his assistant manager Leonardo Magarelli, who will keep his functions with the Atlanta youth teams, and also, Cassano will bring in his tactical coach Guillermo “Willy” Aldaz from which he will pick technical and tactical advice for this term.

Atlanta, with 5 weeks in, have managed to lose five out of five games so far, and has begun its descent into the bottom of the chart, beginning in one of the worst seasons in the club’s history.

Photo courtesy of Prensa Oficial Club Atlético Atlanta

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