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Chacarita wins Primera B’s Grupo A; gets promoted to the Nacional B Tournament

In what should not be an unexpected turn of events, Chaca won one-nil against Villa Dálmine, and will play the Nacional B Tournament in the 2015 season.

In a jam packed stadium of approximately twenty-four thousand people, Chacarita won group A of the 2014 Primera B Metropolitana tournament, becoming the first team to join the Nacional B tournament from the Buenos Aires area, out of three promoted teams.

With a header from one of the smallest players in the category, though not least talented, such as Damián Manso as Chacarita won one-nil against Sergio “Huevo” Rondina’s Villa Dálmine from Campana, to get promoted to the Nacional B Tournament. In a tight match where Chacarita finally proceeded with a champions’ temperance, though Taborda’s goal was often challenged by constant advances from Dalmine’s forwards and midfielders, especially Pereyra.

To achieve promotion directly to the Nacional B Chacarita needed at this instance to win over Villa Dálmine, or draw at least, and expect Caseros’s Estudiantes not to win over Brown de Adrogué to achieve promotion after having lost the category two years ago losing against Nueva Chicago in the promotion matchoffs (with a remembered fumble from Chacarita’s by-then manager Salvador Pasini celebrating the last penalty by Damián Toledo that had been saved by Daniel Monllor, Nueva Chicago’s third choice goalkeeper at the time, in a penalty shootout defintion).

Chacarita’s promotion does not remain a small feat though, as it contains a team filled with a mixture of big names (such as Damián Manso, former Newell’s attacking midfielder, Victor “Chapa” Zapata, River’s and Independiente’s defensive midfielder, Cristian Bordacahar from Tigre) and youngsters brought in from the youth teams. At the beginning of the season the team was formed by Carlos Leeb, yet the tournament was ended and promoted with the aanagement of Anibal Biggeri, former Temperley manager and José “Pepe” Romero’s assistant manager while with All Boys when they were promoted to Primera Division and into their first Primera Division tournament.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Oficial Chacarita Juniors

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