Daniel Miliki Jimenez, former manager of Instituto de Córdoba.

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Daniel Jimenez is no longer the Instituto Manager

Instituto manager Daniel “Miliki”  Jimenez resigned yesterday to his position in La Gloria.

Overwhelmed by results, Instituto manager Daniel “Miliki” Jimenez was asked to resign by the board to release some of the tension regarding la Gloria’s first team.  Instituto lost to Aldosivi yesterday, by two nil, and is at the bottom of the table of the ‘A’  Group at the end of the first round of the Nacional B transitional tournament.

As he stated in a letter to the fans, published by Ascenso Pais:

“La verdad es que lo quiero mucho al club como para profundizar demasiado…Principalmente, agradezco a todos: Dirigentes, jugadores, hinchas, y todos los que confiaron en mi.

Si entendieron que yo era el problema, acepto el despido sin problemas, sólo que me duele en la situacion que estamos todos. Pero habría que sincerarse y pensar porque estamos asi, y ojalá que los responsables se hagan cargo.

Siempre voy a ser de Instituto y voy a estar cuando me necesiten, como fue en esta situación y bajo estas condiciones de trabajo, entre ellas amoldarme a la situacion económica del club, no pudiendo contar con los refuerzos que se solicitaron.

Me la jugué por el club que quiero, en el peor momento institucional, pero en las actuales condiciones es muy difícil. Ojalá alguien pueda, nadie me defraudo.

Agradezco la predisposición, la entrega, los huevos y el sacrificio de los jugadores”

(¨The truth is I love the club too much to go deep… Mainly, I’d like to thank everyone: The board, the players, the fans, and everyone who trusted me.

If it were to be understood that I was the problem, I’ll take my release without fuss, only that it hurts in the situation we’re all in. But we have to be sincere and think about why we’re in this situation, only hoping that the responsible for this take note of it.

I will always be an Instituto fan and will be there when I’m needed, like it was in this situation, and under these work conditions, fitting to the economic situation of the club, not being able to count with the signings I asked for.

I took a chance for the club I love, in its worst institutional moment, but in the current condition it is too hard. Hope someone can, I wasn’t let down by anyone.

I want to thank the predisposition, the effort, the attitude (note: stated originally as huevos in spanish) and the sacrifice of the players”.)

As of now, the main candidate to succeed Jiménez is Carlos Mazzola, former Sportivo Belgrano manager, who promoted the Sportivo team to the Nacional B Tournament last year and left afterwards, and is now unemployed.  Instituto is set to play Guarani Antonio Franco on Wednesday to close the first round of the tournament.

<small>Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Instituto de Cordoba</small>

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