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De la Riva sacked; “el Gallego” Rodriguez steps in

Due to the poor results, Felipe de la Riva has been sacked and the Almirante board has already got a replacement.

After a string of bad results well known manager Felipe de la Riva has been invited by the board to resign to his position as Almirante Brown manager. Especially after his last two results against Atlanta (1-2, after having beaten los bohemios in the first round by a memorable 3-1) and also having been defeated by Rondina’s amazing-and-leading Villa Dálmine by two to one.

De la Riva had been at the Almirante Brown bench for over a year and even in spite of not achieving promotion, had built a solid campaign near the promotion positions after Almirante Brown’s relegation from the Nacional B tournament last season, and even in spite of poor economical conditions and a personal dispute that ended up with (by then) General Manager and fan favourite Daniel Bazán Vera to leave his position and the club.

Rodriguez has a long standing story with the club: both as a renowned player, but also for having been Blas Giunta’s assistant manager through his outstanding and historic seven yours in the Almirante Brown benches.

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