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Diego Cisterna signs for Los Andes

Midfielder Diego Cisterna has signed for the Lomas de Zamora Team.

The midfielder, along with striker Cristian Soria, will be available under Fabián Nardozza as of tomorrow. Cisterna has played through his career as an attacking midfielder, enganche, but has been known to play other positions (central midfielder, right or left midfielder, according to necessity).
Diego Cisterna had been in Pergamino’s Douglas Haig since 2013 and has revealed himself very glad of signing for Los Andes even as he said he was lined up to sign with former club Colegiales for this season.

Cisterna has played for Tigre in Primera Division (in 2012, 18 games- 4 in the Inicial Tournament, 11 in the Final Tournament plus 3 Copa Libertadores games). He also played for Almirante Brown in the 2011- 2012 season (34 games, 6 goals), and before that Justo José de Urquiza (2003- 2005), Comunicaciones (2005-2007), Atlético Mexiquense (2007-2008), Atlanta (2008) and Colegiales (2009-2011). He has played more than three hundred games as a professional player.

Los Andes has been active in the market so far, incorporating few players such as Cisterna and Soria or Diego Galeano, while keeping its base as players like Gagliardo, Vera, Noriega, Soriano, Pajón, Segovia and such have decided to stay at the club through this break at Fabián Nardozza’s command.

Los Andes will play group B of the Primera B Metropolitana season with teams such as Platense and Morón in its group for this Transitional Tournament. With meager results, the Lomas team ended up on the seventh position in the last season.

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