Emiliano Bonfigli- Courtesy of Manicomio Bohemio.

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Emiliano Bonfigli is set to become Atlanta’s new striker

Almagro striker Emiliano Bonfigli is set to become an Atlanta player (and first new signing for the Villa Crespo) this wedsneday, according to sources.

Bonfigli comes at the request of new manager Carlos Mayor, in need of reinforcements since the departing of many of his players, but first and foremost of a not-too-effective strikeforce at the end of the season with Maraschi mostly out due to injury and a bad streak by Marcos Godoy and Emiliano Lazzarini.

Bonfigli is 25 years old, and comes from Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires. He has played for Almagro under Mayor’s command, San Telmo, Manta F.C., and Real Salt Lake city.

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