Facundo Melivilo

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Facundo Melivilo signs for Chacarita

The 22yr old striker signed for Chacarita after agreeing with chairman Héctor “Tore” Lopez.

Facundo Melivilo, who played for Platense last season, will be signing tomorrow a contract for 18 months to play for Chacarita Juniors. The San Martín team, now directed by Fabián Itabel, has been on the lookout for a new striker, even touting the Tigre Primera División-experienced striker José Sand to sign in to the Chaca team, though the chances of that transfer happening have been ice-cold for the last few days. Melivilo now becomes Itabel’s best choice striker in trying to replace Ramón “el gordo” Lentini who has by now left to play in Chile’s Primera Division.

Melivilo has been one of the ones pointed out for poor performances on the last season, even if Platense have achieved to play the promotion playoffs for the Nacional B in which they were defeated by Temperley in the playoff finals. Eventually, Melivilo decided to break off the ties with the club he emerged from to play professional football, and has played for a spell in Almirante Brown as well, due to the fact that after the last finals, and through the last season, his confrontations with the fans had simply become too much to withstand. Melivilo had been recently linked to same- category clubs Los Andes and Tristán Suárez as well.

Photo courtesy of Prensa Club Atlético Platense

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