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Fenix 2 – Atlanta 3: Tightening the difference

Yet another victory in the unbeaten row for the Villa Crespo team, that earned a hard won game in Pilar against Fénix, leaving Atlanta momentarily even-scored in the League Table with Nueva Chicago.

This sunday evening Atlanta beat Fenix 3-2 in the Carlos Barraza stadium in Pilar, to stay the leader of the League Table along with Guede’s Nueva Chicago team.

The game, itself?

The particular afternoon in Pilar started with a howler from the box, in the left flank with Nanía catching Hernández off guard and scoring against the right side of the post. From then on the first half would be Atlanta’s property, securing against all attacks from Fenix and handling the ball through Nanía playing more as an enganche, laid back against the left side of the court and starting attacks that led to Maraschi and Godoy being both well supplied of assistances. From those assistances as well was born a second goal, a floater towards the center of the area that ended with Maraschi slightly touching the ball in a free kick, that was scored through the confusion of the Fenix defenders.
In the middle, Fenix started gaining weight against Atlanta by pushing forward against Sardella and Palisi, who didn’t have his best night at Pilar. At the 27th minute of the first half, a foolish foul was committed inside of the area, that was traded for a goal through a penalty kick by Fenix’s Ruiz. With a 1-2 result, Fenix went forward with all of their attacks and Atlanta locked themselves in to secure the result.
In the second half, Atlanta had a brief period of supremacy, with Maraschi signing off on his first attack to a corner in less than a minute. After that, Atlanta had to yet again lock the defense, through which Diaz Villán earned his 4th yellow card, leading to a suspension in the following game against Temperley.
At the eleventh minute of the second half, Godoy caught a lost pass with all the Fenix team forward for attack, and ran towards the goalkeeper, defining on the one-to-one, leading to a 3-1 victory. At this point, with a result secured, Atlanta battled to keep the result towards the end of the game: a result achieved, though at the 34th minute Ruiz shot against Vega, who handed off the ball giving a rebound that was caught by Torres to score the final 2-3, sealing a victory for Atlanta to keep up their unbeaten streak.

Key Takewaways

Atlanta and Nueva Chicago are cutting themselves from the block: with 46 points both, against Platense-s 42, the first three are beginning to get seriously distanced against all the other teams for the final haul of the season.

Maraschi and Godoy returned to goalscoring form assisted by Nania and a well functioning block formed in the midfield between Palisi and Sardella. Their form and average improves as their are “well fed” with passes.

Despite the final result Fenix are reaffirmating their efforts to become one of the top-ten, maybe top-five teams in Primera B Metropolitana for the years to come. The support and the structure are there to be.

Relevant Information

FENIX (2): Hernández; Sosa (subbed on 49m by Beretta), Cerutti, Zuccaro and Torres; Puch, Silva (subbed on 77m by Gil), Marcos y Rodríguez; Riquelme (subbed on 64m by Bianchi) and González.

Subs: Santillán, Cóceres, Ramírez and Carreño.

Managers: Favio Orsi -Sergio Gómez.

ATLANTA (3); Vega; Collavini, Díaz Villán, Pelaez and Pinto; Galeano (subbed on 70m by Guzmán), Sardella, Palisi and Nanía (subbed on 87m by Alemandi); Maraschi y Godoy (subbed on 75m by Lazzarini).

Subs: Diego Quirós, Gabriel Flores, Matías Castro and Oscar Acuña.

Managers: Sebastián Cassano – Leonardo Magarelli.

Goals: 11m Nanía (A); 19m Maraschi (A); 27m Ruiz (F, penalty kick); 56m Godoy (A) and 79m Torres (F).

Yellow cards: Sosa, Silva and Ruiz (F); Díaz Villán and Godoy (A).

Referee: Pablo Dóvalo.

Líneas: Carlos Qualizza y Mariano Cichetto.

Field: Carlos Barraza Stadium (Pilar, Buenos Aires), in good condition.

Weather: Rainy through the day, clear on the game. 17 degrees celsius.

Gate: Circa 1.500 people.

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