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Once again, Fénix’s in a critical state.

Following the continuos turmoil generated by the clash between the Club’s board and former collaborators, the players have decided to publish their own letter to the fans and press regarding their situation.

All hell has broken loose lately for the Primera B Metropolitana Fenix team. After a worthy campaign with little resources, having moved their home games from Pilar’s Carlos Barraza stadium to far away stadiums such as Campana’s Villa Dálmine or UAI Urquiza, the team has finally had it- thus expressing their thoughts and concerns regarding the team’s future and revealing their shabby conditions. Due to the length, we will not translate the whole letter, yet point out some of the points established.



In this letter the players establish the poor conditions they are facing representing the team, such as not having done a proper pre-season due to the lack of a place to do so (first point), lack of training gear (second point) such as balls that have been donated by a player, the lack of boots, shirts, shorts (fourth point) and some one to organize them (the kit-man, or utilero, has resigned), the lack of transportation from the club to the matches (sometimes done in a bus rented by the players where some of the players have to travel standing- fifth and sixth point), and the lack of a proper payment method (seventh point) where the players are actually paid in cash for a portion of their wages whilst it is illegal to do so under argentine law, as all wages have to be deposited through a bank account under the scrutiny of the law. And so the situation goes.

There is no measure yet of how the situation will continue, as turmoil has ravaged the club lately: personnel from the staff in Pilar keep resigning (such as the head of Press, Agustina Ortega, former manager Gabriel Pedrazzi, and so on) with no indication of a real solution coming from the Capital Federal based board leaded by Rodolfo Abbeduto.

Let’s hope for the best for Fénix.

Featured photo courtesy of @estoesfenix. Letter pictures, courtesy of Agustina Ortega, former chief of Fenix’s press.

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