Ferro Home and Away Kits 2014-2015

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Ferro presents its fan-made 2014-2015 Home & Away Kit

Caballito based Ferro team presented its two possible new kits for the 2014- 2015 Transitional Tournament.

The kit will still be made by Joma in Argentina for the Ferro team, after the departure, two seasons ago, of original brand Kappa. The particular item about these Ferro shirts is that both kits are entirely designed by fans (and designers) Gonzalo Perdiz and Christian Lobo, who also participate in Ferro’s Marketing team.

It’s an interesting experiment for all Ascenso teams to try as historically most of the ascenso kits have not been fully “fan friendly” or “brand friendly”, proving team shirts to be flooded with ads, mostly misplaced as well. Placement of sponsors in this shirt is yet to be proven, though, as seen, the sponsors for this season seem to remain the same, with La Nueva Seguros as main sponsor amongst others.

The manufacture of this shirt comes at the 110th anniversary of the Caballito Club.

Featured photo courtesy of the Ferro Carril Oeste Oficial Facebook Group.

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  1. Juan says:

    I live in Canada. where I can buy it?

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