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The first one up to the new Nacional B: Juventud Unida de Gualeguaychú.

This week, the first of seven promotions from the Argentino A up to the Nacional B tournament was defined: Gualeguaychu’s own Juventud Unida (from Entre Ríos) will play on Second Division from next year.

From its first participation in 2004 in the Argentino B the Entre Rios based team has grown astronomically. This sunday, the Decano played the Gimnasia y Esgrima team from Chaco in the Argentino A to become the first of seven teams to arise to the new seven promotion scheme from the Argentino A to the Nacional B. They have achieved an important feat- having been promoted from the Argentino B to the Argentino A in 2013, and now to the Nacional B in 2014.

The decano won 2-1 (with goals from Francisco Pereyra and Paulo Impini), thus leading the table in Zone 4 of the Argentino A tournament, with 24 points with thirteen games played so far, with one game yet to be played, and with 7 games won, three tied and three lost, with a three goal difference (seventeen goals for, fourteen goals against) and four points ahead of Formosa’s Sportivo Patria. Amongst the fans in Chaco were two thousand “neutral” fans in the stadium coming from Entre Rios.

Juventud Unida has been founded in 1907, being the leading team in the Argentino A in Entre Rios, with Gimnasia (CDU) and Atletico Paraná as the other teams in Entre Rios.

The other teams being promoted to the Nacional B are yet to be defined. None of the teams from the Primera B Metropolitana have been defined so far.

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