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Flandria has a new manager: Felipe de la Riva

The former Los Andes (amongst others) manager will be signing as the new Canario manager.

Shortly after being promoted back to Primera B Metropolitana (now the Metropolitano A tournament as we said not long ago) and shortly after the resignation of the promoted manager Pedro Damián Monzón due to disagreements with the board, the man to take charge in Carlos V will be none other than known manager Felipe de la Riva, who has before led the team in the 2004-2005 seasons.

De la Riva will have the task of rebuilding and keeping Flandria afloat in the new Metropolitano A tournament, where Flandria returns along with Defensores de Belgrano as well as the newly promoted Deportivo Riestra, in a category that has seen Los Andes, Chacarita and Villa Dálmine go to the Nacional B. The -now Flandria- manager was the man in charge of building the team that was to be promoted to Nacional B (that is, Los Andes) having on his belt notches of having picked some of the men that resulted to be the back bone of the Los Andes team that eventually was promoted with Fabián Nardozza. Some of these name were Atlanta’s Maximiliano Gagliardo and Juan Pablo Segovia, Ricardo “Chipi” Vera (from Almagro), and Alejandro Noriega amongst others. After that, he directed in Almirante Brown where he led quite a rocky season in 2014.

The news itself comes as a shocker as De la Riva had lately been linked to some higher profile positions such as leading Guillermo Brown (Puerto Madryn) into its return to the Nacional B.

De la Riva has managed teams such as Juventud Unida (Primera C, but back then at Primera D Metropolitana), L.N.Alem (Primera D), San Miguel (Primera C), Acassuso (Primera B, but back then Primera C), Deportivo Riestra (Primera B Metropolitana, but in Primera D back then), Deportivo Merlo (Primera B), Chacarita Juniors (Primera B), Tristán Suárez (Primera B), Los Andes (Primera B) and Almirante Brown (Primera B).

He has three promotions in his record: with Leandro N Alem, to the Primera C in 2003, with Acassuso (to the Primera B in 2006), and with Deportivo Merlo, to the B Nacional in 2008. He also has one relegation, with Almirante Brown to the Primera B in 2014.


Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Club Social y Deportivo Flandria

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