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Huracán wins over Atletico Tucumán, gets promoted to Primera División

The Parque Patricios team won its tie off against Tucumán’s Atlético Tucumán on extra time by 4-1.

Huracán won its return to Primera División after winning the Copa Argentina just less than a month ago (thus achieving qualification as the only ascenso team to get to play qualified for the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana): now el globo won’t have to carry that burden as today, after extra time, Apuzzo’s Huracán got to win over Atlético Tucumán and winning the tie off.

It was a fairly non incidental game behind closed doors in the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza (middle- neutral ground between Buenos Aires and Tucumán, and behind closed doors as security couldn’t be guaranteed for the match to be played with public) in which through the first ninety minutes the game was tied: initally scored by Menendez on the 58th minute, when it looked like it wouldn’t happen for el Globito. Yet on the 66th minute Huracán pegged back through a play created by Pity Martinez that unleashed a strike from Huracán’s wing back Federico Mancinelli from the edge of the box. After that the game was pretty static up until the end of regular time.

Twenty-three minutes after the end of regular time Huracán broke through Atlético’s resistance with goals by Alejandro Romero Gamarra (103′), Ramón “Wanchope” Ábila (116′) and Agustín Torassa (116′) through a penalty kicked that resulted with the Atlético goalkeeper Lucas Calviño being sent off. After that, it was pretty much over for Tucuman’s dreams of getting back into Primera División.

Huracán’s campaign so far has been surprising with a streak of won games after the creator of this roster resigned, Frank Darío Kudelka.


Huracán (4): Marcos Díaz; Rodrigo Erramuspe, Federico Mancinelli, Eduardo Domínguez and Guillermo Sotelo; Lucas Villarruel, Federico Vismara and Gonzalo Martínez; Patricio Toranzo; Cristian Espinoza and Ramón Abila.

Manager: Néstor Apuzzo.

Atlético Tucumán (1): Lucas Calviño; Eduardo Casáis, Bruno Bianchi, Franco Sbuttoni and Nicolás Romat; Jonathan Gómez, Pablo Garnier, Francisco Grahl and Guillermo Acosta; Luis Rodríguez and Cristian Menéndez.

Manager: Juan Manuel Azconzabal.

Goals: 58′ Cristian Mendenez; 66′ Federico Mancinelli; 103′ Alejandro Romero Gamarra; 113′ Ramón Abila; 116′ Agustín Torassa (pen.).

Referee: Germán Delfino.

Stadium: Malvinas Argentinas. Behind closed doors, no public.


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