Juan José López, the new San Martín de Tucumán manager.

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Juan José Lopez became the new San Martín de Tucumán manager

River Plate’s renowned former player has become the new San Martín manager tonight.

The former player and manager for River Plate Juan José “el negro” López has become the new San Martín de Tucumán (Argentino A) manager following the departure of former manager Osvaldo Bernasconi.

López had been unemployed as a manager after his last period as a manager in River Plate in 2011, in which the Primera División team was relegated into the Nacional B tournament for the first time in its history. Although he has had a succesful period in Talleres de Cordoba, once finishing third in Primera División, he has also been relegated with Santa Fé’s side Unión, as well as with Córdoba’s Instituto and Talleres as well.

Bernasconi had resigned from the position on September 25th, after losing to Mitre (Santiago del Estero) while steeply away from the promotion positions. San Martin has been one of the top two clubs in Tucumán’s history, along with Atlético Tucumán, always with both or at least one of the two teams in the Nacional B Tournament. It also holds historical ascenso players such as Fabricio Lenci and Pablo de Muner in its roster.

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