Leonardo Cachete Ruiz

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Leonardo “Cachete” Ruiz signs for Deportivo Español

The midfielder, who played last season for Fénix, joins his managerial wonder couple Orsi- Gomez at El Gallego.

Leonardo “Cachete” Ruiz is the last of the players to leave Fénix after the massive exile of players to other clubs (Marcos Riquelme to Chile, Joaquin Marcos to Barracas Central and so on) and has found his place in Deportivo Español alongside his managers Flavio Orsi- Sergio Gomez.

Ruiz, 31 years old, has played in Fénix and Villa Dálmine, and has been involved in every promotion championship the Pilar Club has been in (including being in the championship side that won promotion to Primera B Metropolitana in 2011), and has amassed 13 goals in the last 30 games in Primera B Metropolitana, in the 2013- 2014 season.
The striker, along with Marcos Riquelme and Joaquin Marcos up front, constructed a talented trident of strikers which led for the Pilar team to earn a promotion playoff spot that was eventually lost to Temperley. Nevertheless, the team’s performance was impressive.

After those performances, the striker had declared would no longer continue on the Pilar side, and was linked to clubs such as Chacarita, Atlanta, and Platense before going to the Bajo Flores team Deportivo Español.

Ruiz leaves for Deportivo Español after some turmoil with the Fenix board over the place in which contributor and football directive Cesar Mansilla had over the club. Mansilla ran the football side of the club for the last few years, bringing in support both in facilities (owning the training ground in Pilar, Oliden FC) as well as providing for the team in many other ways.

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