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Lucas Ferreiro, Leandro Collavini sign for Almirante Brown

Former Atlanta midfielders Lucas Ferreiro and Leandro Collavini have signed for the recently relegated Nacional B Team.

Lucas Ferreiro (photo), 34 years old, has played before for Atlanta, Racing Club, Flandria and last of all, Villa Dálmine under the command of Sergio Rondina, where they managed to escape relegation. Ferreiro has proven to be one of Rondina’s favourites, having managed him in Flandria, Atlanta and Villa Dálmine. He usually plays either as enganche or left midfielder.

Collavini, 29 years old, who has played previously for Atletico Tucuman, Talleres (Remedios de Escalada) and Tristán Suárez, comes in as a bidding as well. Leandro played last season both as right and left wing-back/ midfielder, according to the occasion.

Featured photo courtesy of ElViola

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