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Manuel Caspary joins Platense

Tristán Suárez’s Manuel Caspary has joined Platense on loan from Tristán Suárez.

The 28 year old Misionero striker has previously played for Deportivo Armenio, All Boys, Villa Dálmine and Tristán Suárez before coming to Platense. He also scored seven times in thirty-three games last season for the Ezeiza team.

Caspary is now the fifth signing in Méndez’s team, after Cristian Tavio, Agustin Cattaneo, Pablo Bueno and Iván Nadal.

This was Caspary’s reaction to the news:

(Quote: “Well, a new time has come, hopefully it will be the beginning of something big! Let’s go towards the objective, Calamar!”)

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Deportivo Armenio

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