Marcelo Pascutti, to the right, while he was Assistant Manager to his father Alberto.

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Marcelo Pascutti fired as El Porve manager

Marcelo Pascutti, manager for Primera D (Fifth Division) side El Porvenir, has been sacked by El Porve’s chairman.

Pascutti, son of known manager Alberto Pascutti, has been fired by the El Porvenir president Enrique Merelas due to disagreements between manager and President.

As Ascenso Pais reports, “I was fired by Merelas because I gave my team a day off, no one can believe that” thus adding “his words, when he called me, were that I was unauthorizing him because I said that the players were going to train, and as the game with Claypole is only eight days away, I decided to give them a day off. So, he told me not to show up for work anymore”.

Strong candidates for this managerial position now are Hector Baillie (former manager for Claypole) as well as former Lanús player Gabriel Ramón.

El Porvenir has known its peak playing the Nacional B tournament in the nineties, but has been descending categories in Argentine football in the last few years and is now placed in the fourth position of zone A in Primera D Metropolitana (Fifth Division), the last tier of professional football in Argentina.

Featured photo courtesy of Diario Popular.

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