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No peace for Excursionistas: A bust ends up with drugs and arrests

There were drugs found on the headquarters of the Belgrano team, detentions and board members implicated in a scandal.

In an ambiance in argentinian football where politics, business, drug trafficking and crime are intimately linked, a raid ordered by judge Claudio Bonadío in Primera C Bajo Belgrano team Excursionistas resulted in the arrest of ten people, including a board member and three alleged barra bravas (hooligans).

While in the midst of a drug ring investigation, judge Bonadio ordered the thorough search of the Villero headquarters, along with the stadium in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

The raid ended up with (as according to Solo Ascenso) a kilo and a half of marihuana, and at least 40g of marihuana seeds, six hundred grams of cocaine, weaponry of varied choice (including a 380 caliber revolver with at least 80 rounds) and a hefty sum of money lied next to the items in the Excursionistas HQ. The sum of money reported revolves around 127 thousand pesos (around fourteen thousand dollars).

Amongst the arrested was a member of the Excursionistas board, along with nine more people, counting employees of the club, people related and Excursionistas’ reported barra bravas.

The raid was ordered by the Juzgado (courthouse) number eleven, along with fourteen more raids linked to the investigation.

Featured photo- the terrace of the local Villero fans in the Excursionistas Stadium, courtesy of Prensa Excursionistas.

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