Ricardo Caruso Lombardi

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Ricardo Caruso Lombardi resigns as Tristán Suárez manager

The well known manager has declared  to “have failed” in el Lechero’s bid to promotion; decides to resign to his position.

After a short six-month season with Tristán Suárez, the iconic media-friendly manager Ricardo Caruso Lombardi decided to resign to his position at Tristán Suárez.

Dubbed a manager with an extraordinary wage to the category (more than one hundred thousand pesos a month) contributed mainly by supermarket empresario Alfredo Coto, and after having unsuccessfully bid for the third promotion place in the Primera B Metropolitana season, and losing the final to Sergio Rondina’s Villa Dálmine, Caruso decided against remaining in Tristán Suárez despite president Granado’s wish for him to remain at the club.

Tristán Suárez lost two to one on the global series against Villa Dálmine, having scored only one goal against Villa Dálmine (Facundo Diz).

There’s still no indication on who the new Tristán Suárez will be, with the tournament having ended and the new tournament beginning at February 15th.

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