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Salvador Pasini gets booted off Deportivo Morón

Deportivo Morón’s Manager Salvador “Tano” Pasini sacked due to a string of bad results.

Former Atlanta and Chacarita manager Salvador Pasini was sacked this week by the Morón chairman Diego Spina, after a mild campaign in which Morón won 5 games, tied 7 games and lost six games. The sacking was made by Morón’s board after Pasini’s team lost its last game against Barracas Central.

Now, Morón will have to face, after last season’s relegation threat, a struggle upwards even though Moron’s chances of getting to the title challenge for Primera B have been hindered, and even in spite of their fourteen signings for this tournament, there’s little chance at this point that Moron will get to the top of its group for promotion by December.

For a reminder: even though this wasn’t a particularly sorrowful season for the Morón team or Pasini itself, this short tournament has turned on many of the teams on each zone of the Primera B in a “razor-sharp race to be promoted or to die” challenge where Pasini has been the third manager to fall off (the first ones were Capria in Atlanta and Méndez in Platense), and it has been Pasini’s second dismissal in three years, after being released from Chacarita in 2013.

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