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Salvador Pasini to remain at the Italiano bench

After long talks with the chairman, Pasini has decided to continue at Italiano.

Following two talks during today and a request from the full roster for the manager to continue, Salvador Pasini will still be the Sportivo Italiano manager following yesterday’s events.

According to Italiano’s chairman Victor José Mellano, the aggressor who broke into the Italiano dressing room, threatening players and the manager himself for fifteen minutes inside was none other than a former player of the club, Roberto Alvarez, rumored not to belong to the barra brava as well, with some kind of personal motif to the attack. Now the aggressor is set to be reported by the police by the Italiano chairman.

Doubt looms yet, if Pasini will continue to be the Italiano manager after the five left over games in the current tournament.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Sportivo Italiano

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