Salvador Pasini - Italiano vs Platense

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Salvador Pasini resigns to Deportivo Italiano

Sometimes Argentina football exceeds itself: Salvador Pasini resigned today after only TWO matches on the Sportivo Italiano bench.

Violence in the ascenso categories has grown over the last period even in spite of the absence of the away fans. Today there was a new experience to it as Salvador “el tano” Pasini resigned to Sportivo Italiano after only two matches (one lost, one won) at the Ezeiza team. Reasons for such violence have not yet been disclosed.

After winning 1-0 home to Acassuso, pandemonium exploded on the Italiano dressing room as the barra bravas and their boss made way to it and started sermoning players and the manager himself. Pasini had only just assumed the position ten days ago, after rumors of talks with Atlanta.

As Codigo de Barras reported in the following tweets, there were threats made against the team and himself.

“Stop robbing us” a barra said to Pasini, who only arrived to Italiano ten days ago, and who trained the team yesterday at night to win against Acassuso

“Look the other way or I’ll kill you” an Italiano barra said to Salvador Pasini in front of all his players

After scandalous seasons in Chacarita, Deportivo Morón and Italiano, surely el Tano will want a good rest before assuming a new position.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Sportivo Italiano, versus Platense.

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