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Temperley goes up to Primera División

In what may be considered unsurprising due to Rezza’s streak since taking the reigns, Temperley have gone up to Primera División.

For Temperley, up until the first goal it was a struggled game up until the 21st minute, when Dinenno, assisted by Grbec, caught a rebound of his first strike, to which Cambiasso stretched to save. After that, it was merely a chore for the Temperley team to break into Cambiasso’s net. The game kept inconsequential up until the 41st minute of the first half, when after an almost lost crossed ball by Aguirre, Rodrigo Alonso managed to serve the goal to Temperley’s lead goalscorer, Javier Grbec, who caught the ball alone in the area to a helpless Cambiasso. Right before the end of the first half Olego was served by Bustamante to score All Boys’s only goal.

On the second half, it was pretty much up to Temperley to dial their fate into promotion and only five minutes after the beginning of the second half, a headed goal by Dinenno after a cross by Romero, leaving the game open for a come-and-go side by side battle tilted only by Temperley’s fan packed stadium.

It is the return to Primera División to El Gasolero, after 27 years in a road that included the team losing divisions due to financial misdealings and years and years of almost- oblivion in the Ascenso categories.

Under Rezza’s command Temperley, in a year and a half, have climbed two categories, from Primera B Metropolitana, first winning by a penalty definition against Platense in the previous season and now defining its zone of the tournament with only one game to go.

For All Boys though, it was the end of what could be called a neverending season, with All Boys finishing second to last in the B Zone of the Nacional B in the midst of internal turmoil (change of president, lack of funding, amongst other issues).

TEMPERLEY (3): 1-Federico Crivelli, 2- Gastón Bojanich, 3-Patricio Romero- 4- Rodrigo Alonso, 5- Ignacio Oroná, 6- Gastón Aguirre, 7-Nahuel Roselli, 8- Adrian Arregui, 9-Javier Grbec, 10- Fabián Sambueza, 11- Juan Ignacio Dinenno.

Manager: Ricardo Rezza.

Subs: 12-De Bortoli, 13-Barrios, 14-Ruiz, 15-Salina 16-Quiñonez, 17- Matias Jara, 18- Luis Lopez
Substitutions- 68′ López x Grbec, 74′ Quiñonez x Dinenno, 80′ Jara x Sambueza

ALL BOYS (1): 1- Nicolás Cambiasso, 2- Santiago Hoyos, 3- Adrián Iglesias, 4- Rodrigo Arciero, 5- Julián Fernandez, 6- Nehuén Paz, 7- Franco Olego, 8- Leonel Di Placido, 9- 10-Ezequiel Maggiolo, 10- Gonzalo Bustamante, 11- Ramiro Leone.

Manager: Néstor Di Benedetto

Subs 12- Lucas Di Grazia, 13- Maximiliano Pellegrino, 14- Marcelo Vega, 15- Fernando Sánchez, 16- Ezequiel Barabás, 17- Juan Vazquez, 18- Luciano Nequecaur.
Substitutions 67′ Vazquez x Maggiolo, 86′ Barabás x Bustamante

Goals: 21 and 50′ Dinenno, 41’Grbec, 42′ Olego

Referee: Mariano González

Booked: Bojanich (T) Hoyos, Leone (AB)

Stadium: Alfredo Beranger (Temperley)

Gates: $838.580

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Temperley

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