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Tristán Suárez signs Diego Castaño

Diego Castaño, former Tigre midfielder, signs for Caruso Lombardi’s team.

According to Ascenso Pais, the primera division midfielder and once captain of Tigre, Diego Castaño, has signed for 18 months as Tristán Suárez’s first important dive into the transfer market. The player, 35 years old, had been relegated from the high ranks of Tigre, and comes to become one of Caruso Lombardi’s pillars in Tristán Suarez’s bid for promotion.

Castaño has only played for two teams, Argentino de Lincoln and Tigre, has won two Primera B titles for Tigre (2004 and 2005) and has been a part of the 2007 side of Tigre that gained promotion to Primera División, first managed by Caruso Lombardi and then by Diego Cagna. Since then Castaño has been one of the most important players in the Tigre history, but due to lack of form and condition, has been sent to the benches more regularly on the last season.

Tristán Suárez is, according to its manager Ricardo Caruso Lombardi, on the lookout for twelve to eighteen new players to play for promotion, and it’s being backed financially by the Granados family (Gastón, president of Tristán Suárez, is son to Alejandro, Argentina’s Defense Minister) and Alfredo Coto (owner of the COTO supermarket chain).

UPDATE: Diego Castaño has left the Tristán Suárez pre-season camp with no warning. He will not be joining the club finally.

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