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Villa Dálmine promoted to the Nacional B Tournament

After a playoff against Caruso Lombardi’s Tristán Suárez, the team led by Sergio “Huevo” Rondina got to win in Ezeiza and passed to the Nacional B Tournament.

In a struggled home and away tie off against Ezeiza’s Tristán Suárez, the Campana team lost home one-nil, and got back at Caruso Lombardi by two-nil to be promoted to the second Division or “Nacional B” division. After this tie-off, Villa Dálmine will return to the Nacional B Tournament after 21 years, having gone as deep down as Primera C Metropolitana.

In a game that saw Ezequiel Cerica, substitute throughout the tournament, come in as the player of the match in this tie-off, Villa Dálmine scored twice in Tristán Suárez’s stadium: first at the 29th minute, a goal by Javier Rossi after a cross kick from Frattini that set the series to 1-1, and then in the second half, at the beginning, an assistance by Renso Pérez to Cérica, that shot a very powerful kick at the edge of the area to unleash the celebrations from the Dálmine people.

This is the first promotion for manager Sergio “Huevo” Rondina, who finally achieved his purpose after repeatedly denied chances to do so with teams such as Excursionistas, Platense or Atlanta, unloading the manager of a load of criticism he had been the sight of for some time due to the impossibility of being promoted.

Dálmine’s team holds three players he had managed down at Atlanta at his failed attempt at promotion back in 2013: midfielder Gabriel Sanabria, central defender Matías Valdez, and wing- back Carlos Fernandez.

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