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Atlanta (1) – Comunicaciones (0): A little bit of Lucas

The Villa Crespo team won and holds the lead along with Almirante Brown.

With a threat of thunderstorms looming around the Villa Crespo area, it seemed fit for an afternoon of hard game as Sialle’s Atlanta took on the hardened Comunicaciones team managed by Rizzo. It was an afternoon without so much finesse as the beginnning of the match pretty much said it all- it began with Atlanta taking control of the game, and at the 14th minute, after a stolen ball and a precise pass by Fabricio Pedrozo, wing back Lucas Mancinelli came in through the right of the goal at the back of Avenida Corrientes and lobbed it by the side of Fernando Otarola (with Otarola pretty much being insulted due to his Chacarita past and an incident that involved the beating of an Atlanta fan the same afternoon he lost to Atlanta in 2013 in San Martin). Atlanta’s game basically deflated because of a defensive strategy proposed by Pizzo, who chose to have Pablo “Colo” Vaccaría as the only member of the strikeforce, and due to a lockdown that stopped either Martinez, Maraschi or Pedrozo getting to the box, as well as many missed passes by some of the Atlanta midfielders such as Cortizo or Serrano or Quiroga, or missed balls by Maraschi as well.

On the second half it turned for Comunicaciones, forcing through to the Atlanta goal with a couple of missed chances but no clear cut ones as Talamonti and Martínez Montagnoli closed down on Vatter and Vacaría, leaving room for Castagno and Pintos to try and get past Barucco. Atlanta by its side, unable to generate plays that would extend or maintain their lead. And by the end of the game, the expulsion of Strelau (its captain) over a harsh foul at the 40th minute, which gave way to five more minutes of coming and going between both goals before the game ended with no more goals.

By this result, Atlanta stands as leader with Almirante Brown of the Primera B Metropolitana with both being leaders of the category (Almirante Brown won two-nil against Monzón’s Tristán Suárez).

Video of Mancinelli’s goal on the 14th minute.

Relevant Information

Atlanta: Barucco; Mancinelli, Talamonti, Martínez Montagnoli and Leandro Benítez; Serrano (subbed on SH at 43’ by Galeano), Cortizo, Quiroga (subbed on 2H at 37’ by Torres); Maraschi, Pedrozo and Diego Martínez (subbed on 2H at 24’ by Fernandes Silva).

Armando Sialle.

Otarola; Varela, Coronel, Strelau and Banegas; Castagno, Paolorossi, Vatter (subbed on 2H at 24’ by Ibáñez) and Pintos; Estévez (subbed on the ST by Ramella) and Vacaría.

Eduardo Pizzo.

Goals: First half- 14’ Mancinelli (A).

Yellow cards: Quiroga, Pedrozo and Torres (A); Banegas and Pintos (C).

Red Cards: PT 40’ Strelau (C).

Lucas Di Bastiano.

Stadium: Atlanta.

Pitch condition: poor.

Public: 5.000 aprox (according to Olé).

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Club Atlético Atlanta

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