Lucas Mancinelli scores his first goal against Almirante Brown

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Atlanta (5) – Almirante Brown (1): Sialle’s orchestra at play

The Villa Crespo team got out of its bad rut and destroyed Almirante Brown’s defence to score 5 goals!

On the first half there was a great spell of dominance, beginning with a missed shot inside the box by Palisi on the 11th minute, an after that, on the 19th minute with a goal scored by Lucas Mancinelli, former Lanús and Ferro Carril Oeste as well, in his new role as right midfielder, leaving the wing back role to Hugo Esequiel Silva. Mancinelli catches a stray ball in the area after a weak cross by Adrián Torres and heads it in past Bruno Centeno. After that, on the 21st minute, Maraschi misses the goal right against Centeno.

On the 28th minute, once again the area gets crowded and Talamonti catches a stray cross in the area to head perpedicularly against Centeno to go on and score his first goal in Atlanta. The Villa Crespo defence gets distracted and on the 31st minute, Román Díaz scores a beautiful free kick from the left side on to Dobler’s blind side (instead of crossing it to the area, Díaz decides to kick it straight) and Dobler’s reflexes do not make it enough to hand the ball out. Two-one at this point. After a few missed plays (Maraschi against the goalkeeper, a missed cross by Almirante and a header by Talamonti), and on the 45th minute, Maraschi catches yet another cross (to Almirante’s defence disaster) and heads it into goal to finish the first half. 3-1.

On the second half, after a missed Maraschi situation, Mancinelli grabs a lost kick in the fringe of the box and strikes a low shot to the right corner of the goal leaving Centeno helpless, and scoring (for the first time ever) his second goal on the same game. 4-1. On the 17th minute, after a hefty counter attack led by Mancinelli, Maraschi got his feet on the ball inside the right side of the box to push that lost pass into goal, thus closing Atlanta’s count: 5-1.

Video courtesy of Sentimiento Bohemio

The Atlanta win comes as a great feat, considering that with Almirante’s same team on the previous championship, the Villa Crespo team had lost by three goals. It marks a stand point as well for Cacho Sialle, who, by standing on to some criticised players such as Serrano, managed to keep his 4-3-3 formation with strong points in Maraschi and Pedrozo pivoting about, and taking advantage of Serrano’s precise passes to the strikeforce.

Atlanta will now go on to play against Olimpo de Bahía Blanca (Primera División) in Junín, on Wednesday, and Estudiantes (BA) after that on monday, whereas Almirante Brown will play against Flandria for the Primera B tournament, after having been tossed off the Copa Argentina by the same team.

ATLANTA (5): Dobler; Silva, Talamonti, Martínez Montagnoli and Torres; Mancinelli (subbed on the 75th minute by Galeano), Palisi, Serrano and Guzmán; Maraschi (subbed on the 83rd minute by Martínez) and Pedrozo (subbed on the 88th minute by Bonfigli).
Substitutes: Barucco, Pelaez, Cortizo and Fernandes Silva.
Manager: Arnaldo Sialle.

ALMIRANTE BROWN (1): Centeno; Collavini, Machuca, Zunino, Almada; Romero (subbed on the 64th minute by Centurión), Meza Sánchez, Olmedo (subbed on the 31st minute by Meza), Rossi; Román Díaz and Sciorilli (subbed on the 60th minute by Presedo).
Substitutes: Barros, García, Despósito and Flegenart.
Manager: Osvaldo Rodríguez.

Goals: 19’ Mancinelli (At); 29’ Talamonti (At); 31’ Román Díaz (AB); 45’ Maraschi (At). 54’ Mancinelli (At); 63’ Maraschi (At).

Yellow cards: Torres (A); Meza Sánchez, Collavini, Romero and Rossi (AB).

Referee and linesmen: Sebastián Bresba, José Mendoza and Luis Castillo.
Field: Leon Kolbowski
Time: 20:00hs AR time.

Featured photo of Lucas Mancinelli courtesy of Bohemios del Tablón

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