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Atlanta get underway in the Copa Argentina; and more

Marking the games we have watched in person and overall, we take a stab into the results of the Primera eliminatoria Grupo II Zona Metropolitana in the Copa Argentina.

Atlanta (2) – Villa San Carlos (1)

It was the opportunity for the Villa Crespo team to stretch legs in a harsh challenge between the La Plata team and Los Bohemios: it started out with a goal by Villa San Carlos’s striker Fernando Pasquale on the tenth minute by a missed ball by the local goalkeeper Rodrigo Barucco, that turned into a rebound by the VSC man inside the box. After that it was an upward road for Sialle’s team.

But on the second half the chip turned with Sialle taking out a midfielder (Galeano) and bringing in a striker (Pedrozo) turning a 4-4-2 into a 4-3-3, and on the sixth minute a run into the box by Pedrozo got stopped by a very awkward kick inside the box by Figueredo, who got yellow carded, and a penalty kick was ordered by the referee, Mastrángelo. The penalty kick was scored by Julio Serrano.

After that, eleven minutes afterwards, Federico Maraschi scored a header obtained through a cross by Matías Quiroga, whom along with Leandro Benitez on the back, managed to create a more than interesting society on the left side of the field. After that, and up until the end, it was all time for Villa San Carlos to regroup and attack, but on the 26th minute, Ezequiel Aguimcer, the Villa San Carlos defender, got thrown out after (alleged) complaints and insults to the referee. The last twenty minutes were back and fro for both times, tired, and both trying to secure their own ends.

Overall feeling: We’ll have to see if the lack of chances created overall by Atlanta were (or not were) a mere result of a lack of game form so soon after the preseason. And a very poor game from Villa San Carlos, now out of the Copa Argentina, to head back into the Primera B Metropolitana.

This is the first ever win on the pitch for Atlanta in the newly reformed Copa Argentina, after only having won once in its history: in 2012, to rivals All Boys, but through a penalty shootout. Atlanta will know its next rival for the next round on tuesday.

Atlanta (2): Barucco; Mancinelli, Talamonti, Martínez Montagnoli and Leandro Benítez; Galeano, Cortizo, Serrano and Quiroga; Maraschi and Diego Martínez. Manager: Armando Sialle.

Villa San Carlos (1): Del Riego; Mariano Fernández, Slezack, Aguimcer y Mauro Raverta; Birge, Sommariva, H. Cardozo and Figueredo; H. Morales and Pasquale. Manager: Martín Zuccarelli.

Goals: PT 10’ Pasquale (VSC). ST 6’ Serrano, penalty kick (A) and 17’ Maraschi (A).


Other results from the weekend:

Chacarita (2) – UAI Urquiza (0)

Played on friday afternoon, it was a game thoroughly dominated by El Funebrero, who scored at the first half through Manso and then at the 48th minute by Cristian Bordacahar. Chacarita dominated the game and found little oposition from the Villa Lynch team.

Lamadrid (1) – San Telmo (1)

A game that eventually went to El Carcelero, after winning the penalty kickoff 5-4.

L. N. Alem (1) – At. Lugano (0).

A good victory for the Primera D outfit from Gral. Rodriguez, and the first game since their double defeat in the Primera D promotion playoffs last year.

Sportivo Barracas (0) – Berazategui (1)

A good away win for the Primera D outfit Berazategui.

Brown (Adrogué) (0) – Deportivo Español (1)

A quiet win for El Gallego.

Acassuso (1) – Deportivo Morón (1)

A penalty kick off won by el Quemero after three saved penalties by Nicolás Angellotti. The penalty shootout ended 3-2. The on game goals were by Martinez (Morón) and Gómez (Acassuso).

Almagro (0) – Estudiantes (BA) (1)

The clásico (derby) between neighboring Estudiantes and Almagro, was taken home by Estudiantes (BA) with a goal by Brian Gomez almost on closing time- by the 84th minute. Despite heavy pleas to allow away fans, the game was eventually played only with local fans and was directed by Yamil Possi.

Villa Dálmine (0) – Tristán Suarez (0)

Rondina’s wonder team was taken out by Tristán Suarez (now managed by Pedro Monzón after the departure of Ricardo Caruso Lombardi) through a penalty shootout, after two saves from Beltramella (to Pérez and Cérica) and a missed penalty for Nuñez (Villa Dálmine). This was a re-edition of last years promotion final between both teams.

Barracas Central (1) – Dep. Merlo (1)

A one-one draw between both teams with goals by Abalos (Barracas) and Rudler (Merlo), which ended in a penalty shootout defined by two misses by Barracas: Abel Soriano (whose penalty was saved by former teammate Rodrigo Llinás), and Gómez.

Los Andes (2) – Fenix (0)

A good win for Nardozza’s Los Andes, with goals by Lorefice and Galeano, against a flabby and almost entirely reformed Fénix team.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Club Atlético Atlanta

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