Walter Otta at Unión Mar del Plata

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Blas Giunta leaves; Walter Otta steps in at Deportivo Morón

After losing heavily to Almagro in the Primera B Metro’s playoffs, and due to heavy constraints in budget to reform the Oeste team, Blas Giunta resigned- and already has a replacement!

After the global defeat suffered in the finals by Deportivo Morón, the Gallo’s board communicated Giunta the decision to reduce the roster’s budget to around 40% of its original value- leaving Giunta forced to reduce the roster size and thus quality. Ultimately, Giunta decided to step off.

Otta, an idol at Villa Dálmine (having won one Primera C title as player and another one- and promotion as manager) comes from having led Unión de Mar del Plata in the 2015 season yet having failed to avoid relegation to the Federal A tournament. Otta has managed only three teams in his career: Villa Dálmine (2010-13), Acassuso (2014-2015) and Unión de Mar del Plata (2015).

He will have to oversee what to do with a heavy roster in names and numbers (34 players) and may be keeping some of the more known players (such as Yassogna, Peralta and Nania), whilst he may lose others such as Otermin (tempted by Atlanta). Also, for reinforcements, sound Rudler and club goalscorer and idol Damián Akerman, who fell out with Giunta a year ago.

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