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Chacarita, and a change of skin

The San Martin based team switched the kit makers: from Athix to Joma.

From this week on forward, Chacarita Juniors will no longer be using the Athix clothing kits as their brand, but Joma’s. Athix had been in charge of dressing el Funebrero the last two years up to this point since 2013.

According to Revolución Funebrera, the choice for Chacarita was between Lyon and Joma, and the final decision was made upon practical reasoning: el Funebrero will be getting a hefty sum should they be promoted to Primera División this season.

The only photographs released yet are those of the training kits, that the team is using from today. There is still no indication of when and how the kits will be presented, but by knowing Joma’s previous history with Ferro, it shall make for an interesting introduction.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Chacarita Juniors

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