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Chacarita Juniors signs Matías Soto Torres

El Funebrero has signed on an enganche after a special permit from the AFA was granted.

Soto Torres, 25 years old, plays as midfielder (most specifically as an enganche or attacking central midfielder) and has been known to play as striker too from time to time.

Chacarita Juniors acquired this week a special permit-for-hiring from AFA after the closing of the transfer window, due to a clause in AFA which allows a team to request a replacement hiring after a player gets injured with a lesion that requires a prolonged recovery (such as it is, fractures are in, torn muscles or ligaments, but not strains nor knocks), and in spite of having had an injured defender (Racca, with torn ligaments) the Chaca board have opted instead to look for a creative midfielder- striker to make the difference and rotate with the likes of Bordacahar or Manso.

Matías Soto Torres, up to this point, had been playing for Unión de Santa Fe, where he has completed his third spell as a player of the club, and has played in clubs such as CAI (Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentino A), Olimpo (Bahía Blanca, Primera División), Aldosivi (Primera División) and Unión itself. He came from the youth teams of River Plate first, and played in the youth teams of San Lorenzo afterwards up until his debut in CAI in 2008.

He has won three titles, all of them promotions to Primera División: with Unión (2011, 2014) and with Olimpo (2013).

Chacarita will face Boca Unidos (Corrientes) in the next schedule of the Nacional B Tournament.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Club Chacarita Juniors

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Club Chacarita Juniors

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