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Deportivo Morón (4) – Almirante Brown (3): The clásico, the way it should be

The first clásico played between both sides in a while turned out to be a full blown show.

It was a very interesting clásico indeed for Deportivo Morón, playing as local against arch-rival Almirante Brown for the first time in the Nuevo Francisco Urbano, in a game that ended on a shocking 4-3 with come-and-goes from both sides and very little defense.

In the first half, at the thirteenth minute, Leonel Altobelli (former Almirante player, now in Deportivo Morón) scored his first goal in Deportivo Morón after 19 games played for the club, after lobbing Bruno Centeno on the goal to push the ball in. And up to the second half it was pretty much all for Morón: Ariel Otermín scored after a wrongful cross by Adrián Kily Peralta on the 27th minute.

Eighteen minutes into the second half, Cristian Yassogna scored a powerful shot against Centeno after playing spaces left free by the Almirante defence at the 18th minute of the second half. At the 20th minute, right amidst a display of fireworks by the Morón people (maybe too early for a celebration?) Almirante Brown started to turn the team to attack Peratta’s goal, who had had a quiet evening the same night he amassed 150 appearances for Morón (for which he was given a plaquet). At that same minute, the twentieth, was when Roman Diaz appeared alone on the Morón goal and scored.

After that, on the 77th minute, Sebastián Ibars committed a foul inside the box and Morón was awarded a penalty kick which Gerardo Martínez turned into a goal. Ibars was sent off for his second yellow card. On the 35th minute of the second half Roman Díaz did it once again on his own to turn the game to 4-2. And on the last minutes, Walter Zunino also beat Peratta on a crossed ball and the game turned to 4-3 on the 43rd minute of the second half.
After that, on the last five minutes Almirante Brown attacked desperately yet failed to achieve the purpose of drawing.

Relevant Information

Deportivo Morón (4): Sebastián Peratta; Rodrigo Lemos, Nicolás Gásperi, Emiliano Mayola, Ariel Otermin; Cristian Yassogna, Cristian Lillo, Federico Domínguez, Adrián Peralta; Gerardo Martínez; Leonel Altobelli.
Manager: Blas Giunta.

Almirante Brown (3): Bruno Centeno; Walter Díaz, Sebastián Ibars, Walter Zunino, Gonzalo García; Sebastián Romero, Sergio Meza Sánchez, Daniel Olmedo; Rodrigo Díaz; Román Díaz, Víctor Meza.
Manager: Osvaldo Rodríguez.

Goals: 13′ Leonel Altobelli (MOR), 27′ Ariel Otermin (MOR), 63′ Cristian Yassogna (MOR), 67′ Roman Diaz (ALT), 77′ Gerardo Martinez -p- (MOR), 81′ Roman Diaz (ALT), 85′ Walter Zunino (ALT)

Referee: Ignacio Lupani Stewart

Field: Nuevo Francisco Urbano (Dep. Morón)

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