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Diego Figueroa returns to Estudiantes (BA)

The striker, an icon in Caseros, returns from Los Andes.

It had been a long wait for the Pincha fans to see one of their icons return, and today it finally happened: Diego Figueroa returned to the club that saw him blossom.

The striker, now 32 years old, is well remembered for having played two years in Estudiantes (2012-2013) before leaving for Barracas Central and then to Los Andes (in the Nacional B), where he had been currently playing, though not as a fix for a starting spot while in competition with strikers such as Alejandro Noriega and Ricardo “Chipi” Vera.

Previously, Figueroa had played for Platense (Primera B- from whose youth teams he started), San Miguel (Primera C), Deportivo Laferrere (Primera C- two stints), Deportivo Carabobo (Venezuela), General Lamadrid (Primera C), Defensores Unidos (Primera D), Excursionistas (Primera C), and Midland (Primera C).

That being said, Figueroa is the first reinforcement of two for the Juan Carlos Kopriva-led team.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Estudiantes de Buenos Aires

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