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Emanuel Ortega dies after game accident

21 year old player Emanuel Ortega from San Martin de Burzaco dies a week after crashing against a wall in a Primera C game against Juventud Unida.

It had been a heavy week after the accident that happened at the San Martin de Burzaco stadium after young player Emanuel Ortega had been hospitalized after crashing his head against a pitchside wall in the Primera C game San Martin played against Juventud Unida.

In it, Emanuel Ortega had been left with the ball and had been inadvertedly crashed by striker Alexis Valenzuela in an attempt by the striker to regain the ball from the midfielder. Ortega, unaware of the movement behind him, was hit without opposition and crashed his head against a wall while falling down to the floor after the foul.

Ortega had been hospitalized in the Sanatorio Mitre for ten days after the crash, suffering compression and inflamation within the skull, and after a second intervention followed by fever and a feeble state by the player, the young player died this morning, at 2AM.

Luis Segura, the AFA president, has decreed that this weekend, in all of the categories of professional football in Argentina, games will be suspended and an inquiry will be made into security factors in Argentine stadiums.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa San Martin de Burzaco

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