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Fabián Nardozza leaves Los Andes

After a meeting yesterday, the board and manager agreed to the departure.

It had been a heavy final of the season as Los Andes has managed to end their last 8 games in either defeat or draw, and as the season ended the Milrayitas board lost their patience and, in spite of a comfortable finish away from the relegation table but yet away from promotion chances too, asked Fabián Nardozza, who had been the Los Andes manager for more than a year now, to step aside.

As the swift message from the board says:

En el día de la fecha la Comisión Directiva del Club Atlético #LosAndes se reunió con el entrenador Fabián Nardozza. Y de común y excelentes términos decidieron no extender el vínculo que lo unía con nuestra institución. El último partido al frente del equipo será el próximo domingo ante Guillermo Brown (Madryn), como local. La Comisión Directiva agradece a Fabián y todo su cuerpo técnico por el excelente trato humano, profesional y deportivo. Las puertas de nuestra casa estarán abiertas por siempre.

Today the board of the Los Andes Athletic Club has met with manager Fabián Nardozza. And in common agreement and excellent terms, decided not to extend the link that tied him to our institution. Fabian’s last game in charge will be next unday against Guillermo Brown (Madryn), in home condition. The board thanks Fabian and all his staff for the excellent human quality, both profesionally as in sports. The doors to our house will be forever open.

There has not been an indication yet of who the new Los Andes manager will be.

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