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Fénix will finally play the tournament at Comu

The Fenix board have chosen and requested formally a rental usage of the Alfredo Ramos stadium.

The turmoil in the last few days had reached a peak for a Fenix team that has undergone nothing but despair in the last couple of years due to an institutional breakdown with terrible effects on the football regime of the club.

After having been unrooted from Pilar by its board, Fenix went through a myriad of stadiums that eventually led them to play in far away Campana, in the Villa Dálmine stadium, more than 20kms away from the original Pilar stadium, and more than 40kms away from the main Fenix sede (or headquarters) in Colegiales, Capital Federal.

And with the idea in mind of regaining the fanbase that used to belong in Capital Federal (up until the seventies when by order of the military regime Fenix was expelled from its original stadium in Colegiales), the Fenix board had undergone through different stadiums with the possibility of playing in cet places- such as Cañuelas, from Primera C, also far away, where the intendente (major) offered even to build a new stadium for El Águila.

But at the end, Fenix chose for the sensible option- nearby neighbor in despair Comunicaciones, who has filed for bankruptcy, and who has been nearly expelled from its grounds in Agronomía almost twice, yet remains there at the good will of the man in charge of the Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri.

Needless to say, Fenix won’t be stymied by the size of the ground- that can hold as much as 5000 fans at once, yet remains the closest to the Fenix HQs besides for Platense’s and Atlanta’s stadiums, and that has a great field maintenance for the situation Comunicaciones has gone through.

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