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Five ascenso players in Primera División you should watch out for in 2015

If there’s something to be known about argentine football is that, although there has never been a real shortage of talents coming through in the Primera División rosters, the ascenso categories have historically been a source of players for Primera División tournaments- and some of them truly talented too. Names such as Lavezzi, Pastore, down to the Chiqui Pérez’s of the Primera División: the average spectator will find a myriad of players from the ascenso making it in Primera División. Yet this doesn’t normally indicate that Primera B players usually leap a couple of categories and right into the Primera División. But they do exist, nevertheless.

And, being this our first year, we’ll try to simplify the task at hand by picking five players we have seen through the whole year that could really make a difference in Primera División, the way we see it.

Gonzalo “Pity” Martinez


The Huracán enganche has been able to pull an incredible season in Huracán, following both their championship winner in la Copa Argentina as well as the promotion to Primera División, earning Huracán the return to la Copa Libertadores after more than forty years of not having played the continental tournament. Signed at the 75% of his rights for $4.500.000 (a huge sum- 38 million pesos), Martinez will have to live up to the expectations at becoming a suitable alternative (or replacement) for the lately-in-poor-form Leonardo Pisculichi and the experienced Pablo Aimar.

Features: excellent dribbling skills and pace.

Sergio “Colo” Sosa

Watch out for that third goal in the video!

El Colo Sosa is probably one of the biggest names on the list, as he was at one point being scouted simultaneously by teams such as Independiente and Boca Juniors. He was finally signed by Atlético Rafaela, led by Roberto “Boquita” Sensini, who will need strong strikers to replace goalscorer Lucas Albertengo, who left for Independiente (Avellaneda). If El Colo should keep or improve even his 0,41 goal scoring average, it should make for an interesting season in Rafaela.

Features: great pace, good goalscoring ability


Alexis Canelo

An iconic number ten, Canelo has made his chops by playing in possibly the hardest team, with the harshest crowd and some of the toughest fields around in the Primera B Metropolitana. The former Almirante Brown man has made it before a tough crowd to please in which not many enganches have surfaced. And, despite a campaign with high and lows for the Fragata team, Canelo has made some great appearances before getting signed this week by Quilmes.

Features: great dribbling and shooting skills.



Facundo Melivilo

After a great 2014 Transitional tournament in Chacarita Juniors where he managed to shake off the shadow of the problems he had undergone in Platense, Melivilo, along with Bordacahar, Piris and Guanca, managed to lead Chacarita Juniors to the Nacional B tournament after el Funebrero’s downfall to Primera B Metropolitana in the 2012 season, scoring himself 8 goals in the short tournament to get Chaca back to the Nacional B.

Features: great ability to work in the box, great heading skills.


Update – 04/30/2015: Melivilo has been set to return to Chacarita to replace injured Christian Bordacahar.

Agustín Rossi

But not only should we speak of Melivilo or other players from Chacarita Juniors when we state about those touted for success in the Primera División, and also not only should we speak of those who score goals as it has been a brilliant season for the Argentina U20 International and Chacarita Juniors goalkeeper who was signed by Estudiantes de La Plata around christmas time.

The young goalkeeper was signed along with defender teammate Rosso to push in an Estudiantes team that is craving a first title under the leadership of Juan Sebastián Verón as Estudiantes’s chairman for the first time. And such is the confidence placed in the young goalkeeper, with the rememberance of departed star goalkeeper Gerónimo Rulli to Real Sociedad (Spain), that Estudiantes will be also transfering on loan their experienced current starting goalkeeper, Hilario Navarro, to Cerro Porteño.

Features: great reflexes, very good goalkeeper overall.


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