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Gastón Monzón signs for Tristán Suárez

The former Huracán goalkeeper surprised everyone by signing for Tristán Suárez.

Tristán Suárez has left the transfer market business with a bang, signing the 27 year old goalkeeper Gastón Monzon.

Monzón, who debuted back in 2006, had been Huracán’s starter goalkeeper up until 2014 where he found himself on the fringes of the team due to disagreements between management and the player regarding his contract and attitudes, that ended in Monzón playing most of 2014 on loan at Chile’s Primera División outfit San Marcos de Arica. Now, with Huracán in Primera División and Lucas Calviño settled as the starting goalkeeper, Gastón Monzón was once again loaned to Tristán Suárez.

Tristán Suárez have already finished their preseason, and have won their first competitive match of the game over Villa Dálmine, on a penalty shootout that ended 3-2 to Villa Dálmine, clearly a settling victory after last years’ defeat on the final to Rondina’s promotioned Villa Dálmine.

Featured photo courtesy of Patria Quemera

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