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Mariano Barale signs for Almagro

The former Guillermo Brown player leaves Puerto Madryn for Villa Raffo.

Mariano Barale, now 31 years old, has signed to play the next season for newly promoted Nacional B side Almagro. Barale plays mainly as right midfielder but has been known to play other roles on the pitch.

Barale is one of Almagro’s first forays into the transfer market, having signed an 18 month contract at the Villa Raffo team lead by Fernando “Cabezón” (big head) Ruiz. He has played previously for teams such as Ferro Carril Oeste (Nacional B), Colegiales (Primera B Metropolitana), Los Andes (Nacional B) and Guillermo Brown (Argentino A).

Almagro, so far, has incorporated two players: Adrián Iglesias and Martín Bordonaro (from Unión La Calera, Chile) and has set its sights upon Atlanta’s former players Adrián Torres and Juan Daniel Galeano.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Club Almagro

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