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Nestor “Coqui” Ferraresi becomes the new Sportivo Italiano manager

The 52 year old manager will become the new Sportivo Italiano manager.

Nestor “Coqui” Ferraresi will become as of tomorrow the new Sportivo Italiano manager by directing his first training session on monday 9:30am.

Ferraresi comes as a replacement for the now-unemployed Salvador Pasini, who managed Italiano for less than a year, and who composed the team in the pre-season by bringing more than 20 players to renew the Italiano roster. Yet, after a streak of two wins, four draws, and five defeats, Pasini opted to resign to give the team a breath of fresh air in a season that finds Italiano at the bottom of the promedios table (the averages that add up to decide which teams get relegated to lower categories). Now, next week, Italiano will face Platense at Platense’s Vicente Lopez stadium.

Ferraresi managed teams such as Deportivo Merlo, All Boys, Colegiales, San Telmo and Colegiales, with whom he stayed until 2014. His only title so far is the 2005/2006 promotion to Primera B with Deportivo Merlo.

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