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Pedro Bocca resigns at Platense and takes over at Español

After a two-nil defeat against Brown de Adrogué, the Calamar manager resigned and quickly found himself a new position.

Sometimes we state that the transfer market for players and managers in the Primera B resembles at times to a swap meet orgy. We could be accused of course of being crass (and having no taste for statements), but in this case it all seems true: less than two days after resigning in a bleak Platense side that up to this point lies in the 12th position at this particular time in the tournament, Pedro Bocca quickly found a new position in Deportivo Español, who has also suffered the resignation of manager duo Orsi- Gomez, and quickly solved it by hiring the former Daniele assistant manager at Barracas and Platense manager Bocca as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, newly resigned managers for Deportivo Español are also being touted to manage Platense at the suggestion of former player and icon Gonzalo “Lavandina” Bergessio that Orsi and Gomez should be hired for the position at Platense:

Will this tradeoff work for either Platense or Español? It remains to be seen.

Featured photo courtesy of @Soy_Gallego

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2 Responses to Pedro Bocca resigns at Platense and takes over at Español

  1. I think Pedro Bocca lately has taken some suspicious decisions, for example continuing in Platense when Alfaro (the man who took him to the club) resigned and now taking over Deportivo Español a few hours after leaving the Calamar. What about codes?

    • Gustavo Malamud says:

      Well, he did leave Daniele as well, and he wasn’t related to Alfaro as far as I know. (He did say somewhere he only came back to help Alfaro because he ‘belongs’ to Platense.

      But as someone once told me (and I repeat), the Primera B transfer market often resembles a swap meet orgy: everyone goes everywhere without ever leaving the category.

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