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Platense (2) – Almirante Brown (3): The night of the Diaz’s

The wonder couple of the Fragata team pulled a true show at the first week in Vicente Lopez. And of course, we were there to see it.

The first week of the 2015 season has resulted in a setback for Alfaro’s Platense as tonight they have lost by one goal against potential title rivals Almirante Brown.

The game?

At the beginning of the first half the spell of dominance was on Platense’s side, with escapades from the left side by Nadal and Bustos that resulted in a lobbed definition by Pablo Miranda against Bruno Centeno. Up to that point it was all pretty much about Platense, with coordinated attacks from 3/4 on forwards with Daniel Vega and Bustos getting hold of the ball and switching amongst themselves with short relays or passes at the back of each other with Miranda coming from the left or center along with Vega, and getting crosses from Nadal and Leguiza. But minutes before the end of the first half, Platense’s new goalkeeper, youngster Gastón Mastrolía, made a horrible mistake while trying to get away from the area by handling the ball with its feet, a ball that got pinched by Roman Díaz to run fast and kick the ball into an empty goal. This made for 1-1 and the end of the first half.

In the second half, still shellshocked by Roman Diaz’s goal at the end of the first half, the game turned uphill for the Vicente Lopez team as at the return of the game Román Díaz once again caught a loose ball meant for Emiliano Gianunzio and scored a high kick at the border of the box against an out-of-position Mastrolía that resulted in a 1-2 defeat at that time for Platense. Then all hell broke loose, as in the 25th minute Rodrigo Díaz (Roman’s brother, newly incorporated into Almirante Brown this season) caught a loose pass by Diego Leguiza and got past Mastrolía to score the 1-3 result. And then, at the 30th minute the result was sealed to 2-3 after a foul to Daniel Vega which he cashed in at the penalty kick to get past Bruno Centeno. After that, Roman Díaz let loose and built a recital of passes and attacks that almost got the 2-4 result or more, first missing a penalty kick at the 37th minute against Mastrolía, and after that smashing a beautiful goal into the crossbar at the 40th minute.

Relevant Game Information

Platense (2): 1- Alejandro Mastrolía, 2- Walter Gómez, 3- Iván Nadal, 4- Darío Leguiza, 5- Emiliano Gianunzio, 6- Walter Alcaraz, 7- Pablo Miranda, 8- Jonathan Bustos, 9- Daniel Vega, 10- Diego Romero, 11- Walter Ortíz.

Subs: 12- Leandro Desábato, 13- Federico Briones, 14- Juan Infante, 15- Lucas Chieffo, 16- Martin Peyran, 17- Lautaro Fernandez, 18- Cristian Segobia.
Manager: Roque Alfaro.

Almirante Brown (3): 1- Bruno Centeno, 2- Sebastián Ibars, 3- Gonzalo Garcia, 4- Walter Diaz, 5- Sergio Meza Sanchez, 6- Walter Zunino, 7-Daniel Olmedo, 8- Sebastián Romero, 9- Victor Meza, 10- Rodrigo Diaz, 11- Román Diaz.

Subs: 12- Ariel Barros,13- Iván Centurion, 14- Federico Presedo, 15- Pablo Desposito, 16- Gastón Rossi,17- Sebastián Sciorilli, 18- Hernán Salazar.
Manager: Osvaldo Rodriguez

Referee: Pablo Dovalo/ Assistant 1: Juan Pereira / Assistant 2: Hugo Paez

Goals: FH: 07’ P. Miranda (P), 39’ Román Diaz (AB), 45’ Román Diaz (AB); SH: 25’ Rodrigo Diaz (AB), 30’ D. Vega –p- (P).

Substitutions: ST: 21’ G. Rossi x D. Olmedo (AB), 26’ C. Segobia x W. Ortiz (P), 39’ F. Presedo x S. Romero (AB), 42’ M. Peyran x J. Bustos (P), 46’ P. Desposito x V. Meza (AB).

Yellow cards: PT: 14’ E. Gianunzio (P), 20’ I. Nadal (P); ST: 10’ S. Meza Sanchez (AB), 19’ W. Alcaraz (P), 20’ S. Ibars (AB), 35’ G. Garcia (AB), 40’ G. Rossi (AB).

Red Cards: None.

Photo courtesy of Prensa Club Atlético Platense

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