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Rubén Darío Forestello has become the new Guaraní (AF) Manager

“El Yagui” Forestello, as he was nicknamed, has taken over the Guaraní Antonio Franco bench.

After Jose María “El Chaucha” Bianco tied against Instituto one-to-one, he sustained a chat with chairman Roberto Enriquez. After the resignation, Telmo Gomez had taken over in the interim, but lasted only one game: a defeat this week against Primera División’s Arsenal de Sarandí two-to-one for the Copa Argentina that has left los franjeados (a reference to the red stripe in Guaraní’s kit).

Bianco had been one of the managers to occupy the bench for a long while, an anomaly in the Nacional B category that usually spews managers out in short periods, for three years (from 2012 to 2015) and having conquered the Promotion to Nacional B in 2014.

Forestello, the new candidate is no stranger to promotions, as well, having promoted San Martín de San Juan to Primera División in 2014. Forestello has previously directed teams such as El Porvenir (Primera D Metropolitana), Unión de Sunchales (Argentino A), Ramón Santamarina (Tandil, Nacional B), Atlético de Rafaela (Primera División, but then in Nacional B), San Martín (San Juan, Primera División), Talleres de Córdoba (Argentino A), Colón (Primera División), and now Guaraní Antonio Franco.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Club Ramón Santamarina de Tandil

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