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Sergio “El Colo” Sosa leaves Estudiantes de Buenos Aires

He was bought for a percentage by Primera División’s Atlético Rafaela.

Finally, the story that had the ascenso journalists humming about for the whole summer has finally come to an end: Sergio “el colo” Sosa has been transferred to Atlético Rafaela for the 25% of his rights, leaving la Crema as a showcase for the explosive Caseros- born striker to strut his talents in the Primera División.

There was much rapport as to where the striker would end up: being watched by Boca, offered to Velez and Independiente, frequently linked to big names although the effective offer standing had always been that of the Santa Fe team to procure his services.

Sosa, only 20 years old, was formed in the Estudiantes de Buenos Aires youth ranks and debuted in 2013 with Fabián Nardozza, and blossomed under the command of Fabián Anselmo in charge of the club, nicking himself 19 goals in 46 games in the 2013-2014 season (a not to be underestimated average of 0,41 goals per game). Sosa also got to the Copa Argentina semi finals and Primera B Promotion playoffs at that time, becoming one of the most influential players in a team that reached great heights for el Pincha de Caseros.

Estudiantes is in the middle of a total reconstruction of the team after the new elected chairman José Vignoni, released almost all of the remaining staff and players (only six remained) and with incorporations such as Martin Batallini (Deportivo Merlo), Nicolás González (Dep. Morón), Raúl Galvez and Hernán Lopes.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Club Estudiantes de Buenos Aires

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