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Felipe De La Riva resigns at Los Andes

De La Riva leaves Lomas de Zamora after a meagre campaign.

After losing to Central Cordoba by 1-0, Felipe De La Riva’s period in charge of Los Andes is over.

While in charge of Los Andes, De La Riva amassed a 43,1% percent effectivity in 17 games, with 6 victories, 4 ties and 7 defeats, lower than his 44,4% effectivity while directing Los Andes between 2012 and 2015.

De La Riva managed teams such as Juventud Unida (Primera D Metropolitana), Leandro Alem (Primera D Metropolitana), Flandria (Primera B Metropolitana), San Miguel (Primera C Metropolitana), Deportivo Merlo (Primera C Metropolitana), Chacarita Juniors (Nacional B), Tristán Suárez (Primera B Metropolitana), Almirante Brown (Primera B Metropolitana) and Douglas Haig (Nacional B).

The new manager will be, in the interim, Los Andes’s own Marcelo Barrera. There have not been indications of who the new permanent manager will be.

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