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From riches to rags: Unión (MdP) will not play the Argentino A tournament

The decision was made after a long season and lack of funds for investment in the first team.

It had been a dream season for Nacional B’s Unión de Mar del Plata: along with Aldosivi’s great head start in the Primera División, the presence of Unión in the Nacional B envisioned a great future for Mar del Plata’s footballing world, in a city that holds teams in some of the biggest categories in Argentine football (Aldosivi, Alvarado, Kimberley, and Unión), the bubble has popped for this particular team. The relegation to the Argentino A team had merely been an omen of things to come.

According to this article on Mundo Ascenso, a desperate situation had taken hold of the Mar del Plata team as its main investor in the football club Francisco “Cacho” Pagano had grown apart from the club and its interests after detention from argentine authorities due to reasons not involved with his handling of the Unión football, as well as a complete roster that has left the club (with some players such as Ramirez, who left for Los Andes, or goalkeeper Losada, for Atlanta) that left Unión with no choice but to send a goodbye letter to AFA, announcing Unión will not play the Argentino A tournament this season, and with a forfeit that will automatically relegate Unión back to the amateur category Argentino C.

Unión, along with Huracán Tres Arroyos (the team that had Rodrigo Palacio amongst its stars) has become one of few clubs that have gone to the top of the table (having been promoted to the Nacional B in 2014) and dropped several categories to the bottom in less than five years.

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